June 14, 2023

hardwood floor sanding

Les plancher xilo floor sanding services

Les Plancher Xilo is a Montreal shop serving hardwood flooring sanding service. Despite the fact that sanding is a relentless process,Guest Posting this piece of the reestablishing system is the one that can give your ground surface that rich look. What’s more, assuming you are hoping to sand hardwood floors, the occupation doesn’t actually need to be undesirable; all that is required is satisfactory information on the most proficient method to do it right.You’re in good company to ask how could you need to sand your hardwood floors on the off chance that doing such a hard and difficult cycle is as well

Business name: les planchers xilo floor sanding
Website: Floor Sanding Montreal
Address : 3016 Rue Marcel, Saint-Laurent, QC H4R 1B1
Telephone: (514) 382-7555
E-mail: send us your complete floor sanding job

Hours of operation for our floor sanding services :

vendredi 7h00–18h00
samedi close
dimanche close
lundi 7h00–18h00
mardi 7h00–18h00
mercredi 7h00–18h00
jeudi 7h00–18h00